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1st Single- Yes! BanG_Dream!

Publicado por ramseslat

Fecha de lanzamiento: Febrero 24 del 2016
Sello: Element Garden

  1. Yes! Bang_Dream
  2. Poppin’ Shuffle (ぽっぴん’しゃっふる)
  3. Yes! Bang_Dream -Instrumental-
  4. Poppin’ Shuffle  -Instrumental-
  5. Voice Track ~Toyama Kasumi~
  6. Voice Track ~Hanazono Tae~
  7. Voice Track ~Ushigome Rimi~
  8. Voice Track ~Yamabuki Saaya~
  9. Voice Track ~Ichigaya Arisa~
  10. Voice Track ~Poppin’ Party~

With ❤️ SIT.